Medical Wig Certification Course (Full Payment)

Medical Wig Certification Course (Full Payment)

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This is a 2-Day Certification Class via Zoom. During this two day class you will establish:

* Your NPI

* Be HIPPA Certified

* Learn Proper Medical Terminology 

* Learn How To File an Insurance Claim

* Learn How To Align with Doctors and so much more

After taking this course you will:

* Have access to the insurance companies 

* Be recognized as a medical professional within the industry

* Have alignment with other professionals

* Have a system in place to start, run, and operate  your medical wig business

* Make more money

Taking this course will allow you to start accepting payments from major insurance companies. Position yourself to not only serve those in need of medical wigs, but  get paid from the insurance companies to do it. Become a Medical Wig Provider Today!! Space is limited so reserve your spot now!




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